Clickfunnels is one of the best platform to build landing pages and funnels.

Before even start talking about why to use Clickfunnels, let’s talk first about what is a sales funnel and why do we need it.

What is a Sales Funnel

Funnel is a set of pages in a certain order that leading a visitor to convert.

Every step of the funnel should focus on one specific goal like encourage the visitors to purchase a product or to enter their email addresses.

Funnel steps

For example, if you running a gym website and you would like to build your email list, a good funnel idea will be to offer one free class to anyone who enters their email address.

In that case, we can build a quick two-steps funnel, the first step of the funnel will present the offer with a form to capture their email and the second step of the funnel can be a thank you page with the coupon code inside.

Sales Funnel vs Website

There is a big difference between a funnel and a regular website.

You may think that funnels are unnecessary because you can capture leads using a regular website but it’s not accurate.

Although you can use a website to capture leads, the conversion rate will be MUCH HIGHER when using a funnel.

As explained above, funnels are designed to do one task only and therefore perform better.

While your website is full of information and links that can draw your visitors’ attention, funnels are goal-oriented and will help your visitors to focus on the mission.

It was proven countless times before that funnels will help your business to improve conversions thousands of percentages better than a regular website.

Funnel vs website

Why Using Clickfunnels

There are many reasons why to use Clickfunnels and now I’ll name only a few of them (the most important ones).

  • User-Friendly – Clickfunnels built a very easy-to-use interface that will let you build beautiful and converting funnels and landing pages in only a few minutes without knowing codes or programming languages. Everybody can use it, even if you are a total beginner or only know the basics of computers.
  • Price – Clickfunnels is very affordable. Both plans are priced to sell and will save you tons of money on developers, designers, and marketers. Also, Clickfunnels comes with many proven templates that will help your business to convert better and generate more money. You don’t need to design and copywriter everything yourself, just use their pre-made templates and publish your funnel in only a few minutes.
  • Multi-purpose – Doesn’t matter what kind of funnel you would like to build, Clickfunnels got you covered. With their platform, you can build a funnel for any purpose like capture leads, sell a digital or psychical product, create a membership site, host a webinar, and much more. The sky is the limit.
  • Integrations – You can integrate your funnels with many other apps. There are integrations for internet marketing apps like Aweber or payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe (to collect credit cards).
  • Support – Clickfunnels has an amazing support team and knowledge base with live chat for any question you may have. Also, with a large community of users, it is very easy to find support online for pretty much any question.

Clickfunnels Sign Up

Now that you know why Clickfunnels is the best platform to work with, wait no more and click here to signup with Clickfunnels.

By using my link, you’ll get the first 14 days for totally free to use and try the platform! Also, if there is any discount on any of the plans, my link will reflect that and you’ll get the best price possible!

Click here to claim your 14 days free trial!

After clicking on the link, click on the Start Free 14 Day Trial Now button.

Start clickfunnels free trial

It will take you to the signup page where you’ll need to fill in some information like name and email address.

Create clickfunnels free trial

Go through the short and simple sign up process and when finished, you’ll be redirected to the Clickfunnels dashboard.

Clickfunnels dashboard

Congratulation, you are part of the best landing pages and funnels builder and only a few minutes away from improving your business revenue.


In this lesson, you learned about funnels, why do we need them, and how to register with Clickfunnels.

In the next lesson, we will talk about the Clickfunnels dashboard.

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