In this lesson, you will learn how to integrate Clickfunnels with other apps and use the integrations in funnels.

Integrate Clickfunnels With 3rd-Party Apps

To integrate Clickfunnels with other services and apps (including payment gateways), navigate to Account Settings and into the Integrations tab.

Clickfunnels integrations tab

In the integration screen, click on the Add New Integration button and choose the app that you would like to integrate Clickfunnels with.

Add clickfunnels integrations

Because we built a funnel to collect email addresses, we can integrate our account with Aweber and automatically transfer all the subscribed users to Aweber.

The nice thing about Aweber is that you will get the first 500 subscribers for totally free!

After choosing your desired app, a new pop up screen will ask you to enter your login credentials for the integrated app. In our case, I will enter the credentials of my Aweber account.

Next, you will need to prompt communication between the two apps by clicking on the Allow Access button.

Integrate clickfunnels with apps

After approving it, both apps will communicate with each other and you’ll receive a green successful feedback at the top right corner.

Success connection message

Great, feel free to integrate as many apps and services as you need.

To integrate Clickfunnels with payment gateways, navigate to the Payment Gateways tab, and repeat the process.

Payment gateways integrations

Use The Integrations In Funnels

After we integrated Clickfunnels with 3rd-party apps, it’s a great time to use the integrations with our funnels.

Navigate to the step of the funnel that you would like to integrate the app with and click on Settings -> Integrations.

Funnel settings integrations

Choose your desired integration from the drop-down menu on the right, Aweber in our case.

Some integrations will provide you with some additional options. Aweber for example will ask you to which list you would like to add the subscribers.

Integrate a funnel step

Fill the required fields and when finished, click on Save to make the changes live.

All you have left to do is to test the integration. Go ahead and fill the lead form with a random email address and make sure the email address was transferred to Aweber successfully.


In this lesson, you learned how to integrate Clickfunnels with different apps and services along with payment gateways.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to register a custom domain name and assign it to a funnel.

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